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Handmade Paper DIY Kits With Ribbon


6x6 Cotton Invitation Kit with Organdy - Assemble and Print at Home

Print these at home and assemble your own invitations using our handmade papers. Our DIY kits use our unique blend of petal papers in affordable packs of 25 with mostly biodegradable components. All kits are meant to be printed at home on your laser or inkjet printer, punched, folded (in some cases) and assembled by you.

Each Kit contains: 25 6x6 panels torn to size, 25 cut vellum pieces, 25 white square envelopes, 5 yards organdy ribbon, punching template and online assembly instructions.

**Our vellum is an organic paper that is ivory colored and semi-translucent with a slight gloss. Its properties consist of wood pulp and/or cotton fiber and is biodegradable. You may plant your seeded invitations with the vellum and it will degrade naturally over time.

$63.25 for a set of 25

6x6 cotton invitation
6x6 cotton invitation
6x6 cotton invitation
6x6 cotton invitation
6x6 cotton invitation
6x6 cotton invitation
6x6 cotton invitation
6x6 cotton invitation
Marigold & Seeds
Larkspur & Seeds
6x6 cotton invitation
6x6 cotton invitation
Chard & Seeds
Safflower & Seeds

We will print the vellum overlays for you! Click here to visit our custom printing page

These items are recommended but NOT included with the kits:
1/8" diameter hole punch
Bone folderĀ (for bifolds)
Laser/ink jet printer
Sharp Scissors

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