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"Hickory" - Handmade Paper Made in Seattle

Custom Designed For Your Event!

This paper contains Marigold, Misty, and Dusty Miller

These sheets of sturdy handmade paper are formed one at a time with a mould and deckle. They are made with 100% post industrial waste and are 100% tree free, acid free paper.

This picture shows you a possible combination for a custom mix of flower petals, not an existing stack of paper, we make it to order. To order it just as it stands, please use the add to cart button. It will ship one week from today. If you want it with flower seeds, just ask!

$13.00 - 18 inch x 24 inch sheet
Hickory custom handmade paper
(picture shows a 5x7 inch detail)
As this is made to order there is a 15 sheet minimum.
This picture shows a 5x7 section of our larger 18" x 24" full handmade paper sheets. Tearing our paper into the smaller invitation sizes preserves the natural deckle edge look on all four sides of the card. We print directly on the smooth side of our handmade paper even if it contains flower seeds (with a few exceptions). You can hang a vellum overlay over the textured side of our paper (pictured here is the textured side) if that look appeals to you more.

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