Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper and hand dyed silk manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

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Custom Handmade Paper
Our handmade paper is custom made to your specifications. Our wedding invitations can match your wedding colors, location or theme by altering the combination of flowers. Our most popular wedding invitation styles require only standard postage. Choose from our wide selection or bring your own ideas. Each order is tailored to your needs.

What Our Clients Say About Us
We measure our success by the feedback we receive. Each year we collect and share what our customers have to say about their wedding invitation experience. Click here to view their comments.

Call Now 1.888.294.1526
You are encouraged to dial our toll free number with any questions. Be sure to read each page you visit and take a look at our wedding and invitation Frequently Asked Questions.

Online Wedding Invitation Catalog
Our wedding invitation styles are shown here and you will find hundreds of handmade papers shown throughout the site. Every wedding invitation style can be made with any paper style. The combinations and possibilities are virtually limitless.

Additional Wedding Services
The same handmade paper you design for your wedding invitations can be used for guest books, thank you cards, programs, announcements and place cards. We want your experience with Of The Earth to be the easiest part of your wedding planning - our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Cost and Ordering
You do not need to order a complete wedding invitation set. If you wish to purchase individual items you may. We offer a wide range of prices due to the limitless combinations and choices. Our wedding invitation prices are determined by size and complexity. Our average wedding invitation set falls into the $3 to $6 range. Please visit our price quote page to view and request detailed information. When determining your budget, remember to count the number of addresses you are mailing to. Your estimated guest count is generally not equal to your wedding invitation count.

We invite you to do as much of the construction as your time allows, reducing the cost and providing you with the opportunity to add your own personal touch. Full payment is required to start your order. We won't accept payment until you have approved your complete wedding invitation package.

Your wedding invitations will be completed 1-2 weeks from the time you finalize your order. To give you more time to address your invitation envelopes, we offer the option of receiving them early upon request


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Handmade Paper Wedding Invitations

Of the Earth was founded in 1995 by Kevin and Lori Graham, two people who shared a passion for each other and a passion for the world around them. Lori had just graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Fiber Arts and Kevin had just left a career as a commercial fisherman in Alaska (both life changing experiences).

In planning their own wedding they discovered they enjoyed working together both in making the necessary arrangements for a party for 135 people and while endeavoring to make their invitations. They still have some of the original invitation pieces (and have been surprised to learn over the years which friends hung onto them as well) which included a self mailing reply card (handmade), folding invitation card (handmade with flowers applied to the paper), a folding direction card with map (there were two versions of this as their friends received an email reply request - in 1995!!) and a handmade envelope sealed with wax. This amounted to more then three hundred individually formed sheets of paper made one at a time in their kitchen, dining, and living room (picture a one bedroom, 770sq. ft. condo). The kitchen blender was never to be the same (thank goodness for wedding gifts).

On their honeymoon while recounting everything that lead up their big day, they discussed what they wanted out of life and realized that they had an opportunity to make a difference and a living together. In the majority of responses they received on their reply cards there were handwritten notes commenting on how much the invitations were loved (someday we will put scans of these online). They saw that wedding invitations touch so many people and can have an impact in their choice of words, paper and delivery.

Lori and Kevin realized that by creating a business that embraces our environment with earth friendly practices and an earth focused product, they could reach even more people if they helped other couples to send green wedding invitations. In the intervening ten plus years their dream has become a reality with more then 1,000,000 people receiving a card or invitation made on paper created by hand with the earth in mind. Of The Earth is proud to continue offering great earth focused products. We are also proud of our efforts to be a low impact business, to encourage our customers to use less paper (we love single envelope invitations and postcard reply cards), to produce paper with recycled/recovered water and to use every practical measure possible to ensure an environmentally responsible workplace. Thank you for sharing our vision.


Our handmade papers are formed one at a time with a mould and deckle. They are made with 100% post industrial waste and are 100% tree free, acid free paper. Embedded in this stock is our unique North American Wildflower seed blend. The seeds will need four hours a day of direct sunlight with constant watering until established. The plants can grow to as tall as three feet. The seeds include Snapdragon (Annual), Petunia (Annual), Beardtongue (Perennial), Daisy (Perennial), Thyme (Perennial), Poppy (Annual), Foxglove ( Biennial/Perennial ), Catchfly ( Biennial/Perennial ), Maiden Pinks (Perennial), Chamomile (Perennial). This blend is specifically designed to allow us to print directly onto the handmade seed paper and for safe propagation across North America.

This card has the text printed on the textured side of our stock, on the reverse is a smooth surface that feels luxurious under your fingertips.

Buttercrunch after 2 weeks Click for larger image

Germination may begin as quickly as one week or may take up to six weeks depending on your regional growing zone and planting depth.  We recommend just 1/4 inch of soil coverage.

seed paper in bloom
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